European project Road2SoS

Development of strategic research and engineering roadmaps in Systems of Systems Engineering and related case studies

The emerging System-of-Systems (SoS) concept describes the large scale integration of many independent self-contained systems to satisfy global needs or multi-system requests. The increasing number of interacting systems in a strongly connected society and industry as well as the growing overall complexity of systems have triggered a paradigm shift and the need to enhance the classical view of Complex System Engineering towards SoS Engineering.
The overarching aim of Road2SoS was to develop research and engineering roadmaps to identify future RTD and Innovation (RTD+I) strategies for Europe in the field of SoS Engineering in four key domains:

  • Distributed energy generation and smart grids
  • Integrated multisite and industrial production
  • Emergency and crisis management
  • Multi-modal traffic control

The specific goals pursed by the project were:

  • Facilitate a better understanding on SoS
  • Provide an insight on most relevant trends and upcoming SoS developments
  • Favour the rapprochement of collaboration links among the SoS community
  • Deliver recommendations on most relevant SoS research priorities to the European Commission

Research and engineering roadmaps have been developed in Road2SoS by combining technology-driven and market-driven approaches. The roadmaps have been disseminated to relevant organisations through case studies and workshops. To achieve the project objectives, the consortium implemented a methodology consisting of three phases:

  • Data collection and analysis of RTD results and outcomes of the market survey
  • Development of four specific research and engineering roadmaps
  • Integration of roadmaps into the socio-economic context as well as definition of best practices and preparation of recommendations for the European Commission

Road2Sos was coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum. SEZ was responsible for the financial and administrative project management, roadmapping, market studies and transnational technology transfer.

Project Duration: 10/2011 - 12/2013
Countries: France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain


Roadmaps and Recommendations for Strategic Action in the field of Systems of Systems in Europe

Autoren: Christian Albrecht, Meike Reimann (Lead authors) | Ursula Rauschecker,
Nicky Athanassopoulou, Simon Ford, Philippe Liatard, Stefan Eckert, Dolores Ordoñez, Maite Irigoyen, Eusebio Bernabeu
Stuttgart: Steinbeis Edition
ISBN 978-3-95663-054-5

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