European project ReBORN

Innovative Reuse of modular knowledge Based devices and technologies for Old, Renewed and New factories

ReBORN was a European project in the field of smart production systems and tools which aimed at developing strategies and technologies facilitating the reuse of production equipment in old, renewed and new factories. These innovative strategies and technologies were demonstrated in several industrial scenarios, among other for the automotive, electronics and consumer goods industries.

ReBORN results have led to a more efficient and intelligent reuse of production equipment, made the factory design process easier, and shortened the ramp-up time, which are all factors needed to increase production efficiency and flexibility. This paradigm has enabled new life to decommissioned production systems and equipment, making their “reborn” in new production lines possible.

The integration of ReBORN results has facilitated the prolongation of production equipment life cycles and contributed to economic and environmental sustainability of production systems.

Furthermore ReBORN paved the way for the European industry towards developing a new business model that is based stronger on services. Hence European companies offering smart production systems and tools have the necessary elements to move from an equipment provider based business to a value added business, where equipment servicing and equipment knowledge are main business drivers.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) assisted coordinator Harms&Wende in writing the proposal and during the contract negotiations in Brussels. As project partner, SEZ further supported the management of knowledge as well as administrative and financial project management. SEZ also led the clarification of intellectual property, developed exploitation strategies for project results and supported the design and implementation of trainings for members of the consortium.

Project duration: 09/2013 – 08/2016
Countries: Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain

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