European project I-RAMP³

Intelligent Reconfigurable Machines for Smart Plug&Produce Production

I-RAMP³ aims at enabling the industry towards zero ramp-up time integration of additional capabilities in existing and new production networks. The project aims at creating innovative solutions in order to improve the competitiveness for this industry sector. This goal will be reached by a novel concept for fast, optimized ramp-up and operation of production lines. By this, significant reduction of time and efforts during the setup and re-configuration of production plants will be reached. At the same time, production costs will be reduced by increasing the efficiency of manufacturing.

I-RAMP³ proposes the transformation of conventional production equipment into Network-enabled Devices (NETDEVs) which form the building blocks of a heterogeneous production network. NETDEVs are able to adopt themselves to varying production setup and production conditions by negotiating with each other on optimal configuration. This holistic approach enables fast component integration and exchange as well as rapid adaption of the entire manufacturing system on changing customer demands.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum assisted the coordinator Harms&Wende in writing the proposal and during the contract negotiations in Brussels and is now, as project partner, responsible for the management of knowledge as well as administrative and financial project management. It also assumes the clarification of intellectual property, exploitation of research results and training for the consortium.

Project duration: 10/2012 – 09/2015
Countries involved: Germany, France, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, and Hungary