European project Co-FACTOR

Improving the expert dialogue and ressources on the topic „smart components“

Co-FACTOR aimed at speeding-up the industrial up-take of results of the Factories-of-the-Future (FoF) projects I-Ramp3, ReBorn, SelSus, T-Rex, INTEFIX and Power-OM, whose common topic centers around “smart components”. This comprises among other devices with innovative capabilities, machines with built-in intelligence, computer assisted and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Co-FACTOR proposed a set of measures spanning from technology assessment, match making among providers and end-user, propelling last-mile exploitation efforts by innovation management and funding outlook, expert workshops, link to research community and roadmapping to outline future R&D&I needs. These have been part of an extensive dissemination campaign featuring intense and strategic communication, organization of events and profound intra-cluster interaction.

While the prime focus was on gaining benefit and pushing exploitation for the six FoF projects, the proposed measures also seeked to link with program level initiatives in a complementary way.

Positioning these projects in the core of a larger cluster set-up involving related initiatives as well as the entire stakeholder panorama of the field, Co-FACTOR pursued the 5 major ambitions:

  • Cooperate: establish close partnership among the core cluster to give better visibility to those high-level performing projects among industry, scientific community and policy makers.
  • Converge: leverage the impact of the projects by focusing on the cross-cutting issue „smart components“ and assessing reliable and interoperable solutions and standardization opportunities.
  • Connect: facilitate the immediate or short-term exploitation of project results in industrial settings creating a win-win-situation for the technology „push“ and „pull“ site.
  • Communicate: present and promote as a cluster the involved projects and their approaches and achievements among the full range of potential stakeholders as well as public groups and students. Further, to stimulate coherence among “smart components players”.
  • Consolidate: analyze remaining bottlenecks for „smart components technology“ deployment to formulate thoughtful recommendations for future actions and political framework programs.

Project duration: 01/2015 – 12/2016
Participating countries: Germany, Portugal, Spain,UK