Syngas modular Units Providing Renewable Energy from Multiple wAstes and for different useS (SUPREMAS)

Although many EU countries must import oil and gas and are therefore affected by market fluctuations (in 2022, the EU's dependence on natural gas imports was 97%), the EU's natural gas production continues to decline.

European independence from natural gas imports is therefore an ambitious goal on the EU agenda and the production of alternatives (such as bio-syngas) is a key component of the European energy transition. The SUPREMAS project aims to promote the development of decentralized gas systems and enable circular value chains in which a variety of materials are used to generate electricity, heating and fuels.

The aim of the SUPREMAS project is to develop cost-efficient modular and mobile plants to produce synthesis gas, which are particularly suitable for processing sewage sludge and the solid fractions of municipal organic waste. The project solutions will be tested at demonstrator sites in Spain and Portugal and feasibility studies will be conducted for 10 further replication sites across Europe. A particular focus will be set on the promotion of decentralized biosyngas production through the establishment of energy communities. A digital tool will simplify decision-making and impact assessment.

The SUPREMAS consortium consists of 12 organizations from seven European countries (IT, SE, FR, DE, ES, BE, PT) and is made up of academic partners, research institutions, industry and associations.

As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports

  • Market analysis and stakeholder mapping
  • Multi stakeholder and community engagement
  • Innovation and IP management
  • Exploitation activities and further use of the project results

Further information on the project:

  • Project name: SUPREMAS - Syngas modular Units Providing Renewable Energy from Multiple wAstes and for different useS
  • Funding: European Commission, Horizon Europe (project number 101160713)
  • Project funding budget for all partners: EUR 6 million
  • Participating countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
  • Project duration: 05/2024 - 04/2028

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Keywords: Energy systems, energy production, energy distribution, energy application, renewable energy sources, Biosyngas, Syngas, Renewable Gaseous Fuels, Waste Valorisation, Waste to Energy, syngas fuel cells, energy communities

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