Resilient Value Chains 2024 (HORIZON EUROPE)

The Horizon Europe Framework Programme will be launching a call for proposals on 19th September 2023. Projects outcomes will enable achieving the expected impacts of the destination by increasing access to primary raw materials and secondary raw materials, in particular critical raw materials for EU industrial value chains and strategic sectors. The submission deadline is 7th February 2024.

Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Develop innovative technologies for exploration of critical raw materials in deep land deposits in the EU and non-EU countries;
  • Increase the resources and reserves of various primary critical raw materials within the EU and non-EU countries;
  • Accelerate development of EU domestic critical raw materials exploration projects integrating innovative technologies;
  • Strengthen EU autonomy and ethical sourcing of raw materials by developing socially and environmentally acceptable means of discovery of primary raw materials.
  • Improve responsible supply of raw materials to the EU in line with the EU principles for sustainable raw materials, which are a non-regulatory set of principles based on the EU acquis. They set out requirements for sustainable raw materials and extraction and processing in Europe in terms of social, environmental and economic performance.
  • Promote the utilisation of UNFC (United Nations Framework Classification for Resources) and UNRMS (United Nations Resource Management System) in the raw materials sector.

Actions are expected to contribute to the implementation of the EU action plan on Critical Raw Materials.


Call topics with the submission deadline 7th February 2024 are:


The allocated budget is 160.200.000,00 EUR.

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