Mission: Adaptation to climate change (HORIZON EUROPE)

In February 2021, the European Commission adopted a EU strategy on adaptation to climate change that sets out how the EU can adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change and become climate resilient by 2050.

Pushing further on the belief that we must adjust now to tomorrow's climate, the EU has launched a specific mission to foster the resilience of all, be it regions, cities, local communities, to climate change. The Mission Adaptation to Climate Change, will enable Europe to prepare for unavoidable climate impacts and accelerate the transformation to a climate-resilient Europe. Its implementation plan specifies the goal and objectives as well as implementation details of the mission “Adaptation to Climate Change”.

Rooted in research and innovation, the Mission has set out concrete objectives and deliver tangible solutions, mainstreaming nature-based approaches, to Europeans. The work supported by the Mission will also be of particular relevance to the forthcoming Nature Restoration Law, that will set targets to restore degraded ecosystems.

For 2023, the Mission will focus on supporting regions, local authorities and communities in demonstrating at real scale and in real life climate resilience solutions capable to address one or more of the systems locally identified as key for climate resilience building and as the most vulnerable to effects of climate change. Indeed, the Mission will support the innovation still needed to implement the solutions at scale, in the specific environment where the demonstration will take place, and to transform the key systems into a more climate resilient systems, with Nature-Based Solutions to be explored as priority. The demonstration projects would be ideally part of the adaptation roadmaps locally developed to address the identified climate risks, and in line with the National Adaptation Plan and regional adaptation pathway/strategy, where available. In the spirit of the Mission, those projects should also be co-designed, co-developed and co-implemented with the engagement and support of the local stakeholders, being them the citizens, the businesses and /or the social partners.

Engagement and commitment by the Regions and the local authorities directly in the demonstration activities will assure to maintain the solutions in place for the future, beyond the implementation duration of the project. This will contribute to the aim to deliver at least 75 large-scale demonstrations of systemic transformations to climate resilience across European regions, local authorities and communities by 2030, scaling up and fostering large-scale deployment of tested innovative solutions for climate resilience, the enabling of their diffusion and the removal of barriers for their uptake. As foreseen under the Horizon Europe Regulation, the Mission will follow a portfolio approach in its related calls, in that “the evaluation committee shall rank the proposals that have passed the applicable thresholds, according to: (a) the evaluation scores; (b) their contribution to the achievement of specific policy objectives, including the constitution of a consistent portfolio of projects. In particular, the Mission calls will foster the development of a balanced portfolio of solutions across the different climate risks, the different innovation areas as identified in the Mission Implementation Plan and the different biogeographical regions, as defined by the European Environment Agency.

Call topics mit der Einreichungsfrist 20.09.2023

  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-01: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions increasing climate resilience of the agriculture and/or forestry sector.
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-02: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to protect critical infrastructure from climate change, mainstreaming nature based solutions.
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-03: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to build resilience towards health risks caused by the effects of climate change

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