Elevating the scalability potential of European business (Horizon Europe)

In today’s competitive landscape, innovative companies thrive through the support of an ecosystem that provides additional capabilities, data, customers and knowledge. Network connectivity within and between innovation ecosystems greatly contributes to sustainable business growth with high societal value. An ecosystem focused on the meeting concrete needs of companies helps them to stimulate their expansion at European and global level and lead to accelerated growth.

This destination aims at strengthening and expanding cooperation between innovation players to better support the next generation of innovative companies whose solutions will lead the shift towards a more competitive EU and a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient world.

What is the goal to be achieved?

Proposals for topics under this destination should set out a credible pathway to contributing to elevating the scalability potential of business, and more specifically to one or several of the following impacts:

  • Enhanced network connectivity within innovation ecosystems by reinforcing their capacity to support existing and emerging innovators and companies;
  • Strengthened and expanded cooperation between innovation ecosystems worldwide;
  • More inclusive and gender equal innovation ecosystems.

How can research and innovation contribute to achieving this goal?

The actions of this destination will help innovation ecosystems to support companies to better sustain their growth and gain new competitive advantage. Besides stronger innovation performance, increased competitive sustainability and more rapid transitions to a green and digital society, ecosystem integration can provide companies with access to new markets and customers and contribute to disruptive strategies. By being actively engaged in their local, national and European networks, companies can increase their overall growth potential.

Call Topics for 2022

  • Expanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (Deadline 10.5.)
  • Expanding Investments Ecosystems (Deadline 4.10.)

Name des Förderprogramms

European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE)


23,75 MEUR



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Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Dr. Katrin Hochberg
Miriam Mohr