Restore our Ocean and Waters - EcoDaLLi stakeholders workshop on innovative solutions for improved Middle and Lower Danube protection, restoration and spatial governance

- Kranj, Slowenien und online

The EcoDaLLi project aims to centralise Danube governance structures in terms of innovative solutions for improved ecological restoration, protection and preservation of the Danube basin, Danube Delta and Black Sea region. These two parallel workshops will bring together stakeholders from business, academia, governance and civil society to discuss needs, challenges, interlinkages and gaps between local and regional Middle and Lower Danube restoration strategies, and the EU level framework focused on the main Mission Ocean and Mission Charter target for 2030: restoring marine and freshwater ecosystems.

Further, stakeholders will discuss how to enable a more effective governance to support the implementation of the Danube Lighthouse, spatial policies that integrate Ecosystem-Based approaches, and an exercise for the endorsement in the Mission Charter. The Middle and Lower Danube EcoDaLLi Living Lab concept will be introduced and stakeholders will discuss how to further engage it to support positive impact on local, cross-border and trans-national level stakeholders of the Danube Basin, with a clear contribution to the main Mission Ocean goal and the Mission Charter.

Please register until Monday, 9th of October.

To participate on-site in Kranj, register here.

For online participation click here.


Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Kranj, Slovenia and online


This event is free of charge.


The workshop is organized by ICLEI Europe and ADRM in the framework of the 12th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Dr. Nadja Schlichenmaier
Mirjam Zillober
Kontaktieren Sie uns

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Dr. Nadja Schlichenmaier
Mirjam Zillober